FDNY Mandates Diversity Training: Will It Include Real Info on Vulcans’ Lawsuit?

The WSJ has a story today on diversity training for the FDNY. It’s informative and straightforward, but as always … it seems many readers don’t take in the actual details, to whit this comment:

WSJ Comment“So you can be incompetent, lazy and weak. But if you’re a lazy incompetent weak minority with a good lawyer, you’re in. Side note……then force the fire department to spend money it doesn’t have to train supervisors and fire fighters to ignore lazy incompetent weak comrades. God Bless affirmative action and all other federally mandated racist programs.”

Sigh. So much is incorrect in that comment, I don’t even know where to begin. Note, I have no idea if the person who left it is a firefighter — probably not. But, I do hope the FDNY, in doing its new training, will include some real education among the members about the 2007 lawsuit brought by the Dept. of Justice and the Vulcan Society. It’s way overdue.

For too long, the FDNY has let misinformation and outright lies dominant the firehouse narrative — in part because it just wanted the ruckus to die down and go away. But it never did — and if they don’t start bringing this stuff into the open, it never will.

Let’s shine some light on the real story and maybe that will help tone down the resentment — so much of which is based on ignorance and misunderstanding. To read full WSJ article, click here.